Case Studies

8 April, 2022
sistemas de seguridad

Piale Building – Guatemala

TAS Seguridad installed an integrated access control, video surveillance, fire alarm and audio system. The C•CURE BMS system offers integrated monitoring of all building technology functions that can be used from a workstation, web browser, or remotely from a mobile device. See more
8 April, 2022

Baseball World Cup – Panama

Officials wanted to add both IP and analog cameras to significantly increase the number of surveillance cameras located at each venue and install a new video recording system and integrated management system. Additionally, the security updates made in each stadium had to be suitable for other public and sporting events to be held in the future.See more
8 April, 2022

Shopping del Sol – Paraguay

The expansion of Shopping del Sol required the integration of existing security solutions and readapting them for the needs of its new design.

"For this reason, we chose the Johnson Controls Tyco Security Products brand," said Gabriel Giussani, general manager of Shopping del Sol. See more
8 April, 2022

Royal Caribbean Club Casino-Trinidad & Tobago

The primary purpose of the casino's surveillance system was to allow the security team to monitor the casino premises, while also capturing detailed images of gamblers, staff, cashiers, and games of chance. Additionally, security managers needed the ability to quickly upload video footage when anomalies were detected. See more
8 April, 2022

SC 401 Square Corporate – Brazil

SC 401 Square Corporate is the largest business center in southern Brazil and a multi-purpose facility designed to be technologically sophisticated with the latest in building automation and security solutions. The project includes the first C•CURE BMS installation in Latin America. See more
8 April, 2022

Puerto Bahia – Colombia

the builders were able to design the Port Terminal and its security system from scratch. Like any maritime establishment, it had to comply with global security standards and procedures to prevent acts of terrorism, theft, drug trafficking and contraband that could compromise the integrity of customers, cargo, personnel and assets. See more
8 April, 2022

Oikos Infinitum – Colombia

Fire detection, intrusion, access control and surveillance systems were installed, the property managers decided to take advantage of the benefits of acquiring a complete package of security solutions from Johnson Controls from the following portfolios: Simplex, DSC, exacq Technologies, Kantech , and Illustra. See more
8 April, 2022

University of Antioquia – Colombia

The University of Antioquia, the oldest and second largest public university in Colombia, installed CCTV fire prevention and access control systems to protect its entry points, classrooms, offices and control lighting using integrated solutions from Tyco Security Products. See more
8 April, 2022

ODATA Data Center – Colombia

To ensure uninterrupted service and boost efficiency, the data center incorporated various building management systems, including generators, air conditioners, and an overall building management system. And, like all data centers, the BG01 facility had to meet strict requirements for network security and encrypted communication protocols. See more
7 April, 2022

Monitoring of Parking

Cameras AXIS IP , ExacqVision NVR,
server for video analytics COTS.

The IntuVision VA module was used in an office building parking lot to detect space availability. See more
7 April, 2022

Retail – EE.UU

The Intuvision / ExacqVision integrated system provides a dual function of security video analytics and business intelligence. We are able to protect our stores, products and people while also providing other metrics to different departments of the company that help improve their operations and sales revenue. See more
5 April, 2022


Financial institutions face many challenges in the current economic climate. A very important challenge is the management of restricted access.

At TANSA we understand that it is vital to ensure that only authorized personnel have access to restricted areas within financial institutions. We also understand that aesthetics is a top priority in those locations. See more
4 April, 2022

Industrial facilities

Successful implementation of security entrances for industrial facilities must be executed with a layered approach. The first line of defense for these facilities is usually surrounded by a security fence that is equipped with robust full-height turnstiles to provide both visual and physical deterrence against unauthorized access. Tripod turnstiles are generally preferred for staff entrance and speed gates for lobby entrances. See more
4 April, 2022


Office building entrances are not only critical for security, these areas also provide visitors with their first impressions of your business. This is where security managers chose to implement reliable and elegant doors to control and regulate the entry of visitors. authorized persons. See more
4 April, 2022

Public and government buildings

Public and government buildings receive many visitors every day and that is why it is vital to ensure that only those who have been given access authorization can enter the building. These types of buildings are high-value assets and need various types of security levels, depending on their intended use. See more
4 April, 2022

Theme and leisure park

Connecting people in smart cities is a challenge. More than 50 percent of the world's population already lives in cities. The continuous growth of the urban population requires that these urban areas become smart cities which requires an efficient public transport system. See more