9 April, 2024

Generative AI and the Future of Video Surveillance

When ChatGPT emerged in late 2022, the potential seemed limitless, but few consumers knew how exactly to leverage the new AI tool See More
8 March, 2023

Convolutional neural network

As mentioned in an earlier blog, given the growing importance of artificial intelligence. See More
21 December, 2022

Technical Support

Part of what makes a brand strong is support for channels and customers.  JCI is investing heavily in its support structure. Its portal for technical support offers real-time chat. See More
18 November, 2022

The meaning of the AI vocabulary must be clear

Today in the video surveillance industry, the term “Deep Learning” and other terms such as machine learning and neural networks are often confused. An article by IBM helps clear up some of the misunderstanding. See More
31 October, 2022

What does a manufacturer’s representative do?

For Peregrine, the simplest description is that we are an outsourced sales team. The most accurate answer is that we do just about anything that the brands we represent need us to do. See More